Hirlam-B/ALADIN Working Week on GLAMEPS & HarmoEPS 2012

Hirlam-B/ALADIN Working Week on GLAMEPS & HarmoEPS Oct 2012

The second GLAMEPS/HarmonEPS working week in 2012 is scheduled to be held at Danish Meteorological Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark, during 29 October - 2 November 2012.

The working week will mainly focus, but not limited, to following areas:

  1. GLAMEPS TCF Opt 2 at ECMWF.
  2. Hindcast-experiments for future GLAMEPS_v2
  3. Preparing for a deep convection permitting EPS, HarmonEPS.
  4. Post-processing and ensemble calibration.
  5. Verification issues.

In addition, a side meeting, with focus on HIRLAM-ALADIN collaboration on joint development of verification tools suitable for both deterministic and probabilistic forecasting at high resolution, will be arranged.

The meeting starts on Monday 29 Oct at 1300, and finishes at noon, Friday 1 Nov. Currently registered participants of the meetings are,

Ole Vignes, met.no

Åke Johansson, SMHI

Alex Deckmyn, RMI (Belgium, invited)

Alfons Callado, AEMET

Juha Kilpinen, FMI

Christoph Zingerle, ZAMG (Austria, invited)

Pau Escriber, AEMET (Spain, invited)

Emiel van der Plas, KNMI (Netherlands, invited)

Sibbo de Veen, KNMI., (Netherlands, invited)

John Bjørnar, met.no

Inger-Lise Frogner, met.no

Kai Sattler, DMI

Henrik Feddersen, DMI

Kristian Pagn Nielsen, DMI

Xiaohua Yang, DMI

Detailed information about the working week on participants, agenda, and summary will be posted here in due time. A detailed information about these events will be made available on HIRLAM wiki under


Please send an email to Inger-Lise if you want to participate in the ww.

This working week is partially supported by Nordic Network MUSCATEN. Please contact Inger-lise Frogner or Xiaohua Yang for inquiry of funding options.

This meeting is jointly organised by the responding project coordinators in ALADIN and HIRLAM: Alex Deckmyn, Xiaohua Yang and Inger-lise Frogner.